Submission Information

The Review uses only footnotes (and not end-notes) as a method of citation.


Submissions must conform to the Bluebook (19th Edn.) system of citation. For general guideline of citation style one can visit the IJLSR citation method pdf page (click here). Editorial Committee strongly recommends electronic submissions only. Please submit the paper to indicating which category your paper is intended for. All submissions should contain the name of the author, professional information, the title of the manuscript, and contact information. The article must contain an abstract not more than 150 words consisting of at-least three key words bearing relevance to the main article. Author’s name should be reflected immediately below the title of the paper with professional information including e-mail id at the footnote. 

Please follow the compliance mentioned below:

1. Convert the A 4 size paper to executive paper [7.25” X 10.5”];

2. Remove page border if any;

3. Remove references and/or Bibliography if any;

4. Ensure and cross check that the footnote citation style is appropriate according to Journal citation style (for details click here);

5. While justifying the footnote pay attention to URL or internet address, if the address create unwanted gaps, then use space bar tab after each words in the URL to remove the gaps;

6. Ensure and cross check the format of the text as per the following style:


Name of Author(s): [Garamond, 14 Points, Italics, Centre Align]

Name should be supported by the footnote, where author’s designation and contact details must be available.

Abstract Caption: [Times New Roman, 11 Points, All Caps, Justify, Centre Align]

Abstract Text: [Times New Roman, 11 Points, Italics, Justify, 0.5 inch indent on both sides]

Keywords caption: [Times New Roman, 12 Points, All Caps, Italics, Left Align]

Keywords text: [Times New Roman, 12 Points, Justify, Single Line Spacing]

HEADING LEVEL 1 (Main Heading): [Garamond, 13 Points, All Caps, Centre Align]

HEADING LEVEL 2 (Sub-Heading): [Times New Roman, 12 Points, All Caps, Italics, Left Align]

Heading level 3 & more (under Sub-Heading): [Times New Roman, 12 Points, Left Align]

Main Text: [Times New Roman, 12 Points, Justify, Single Line Spacing]

Name of the case in main text: [Times New Roman, 12 Points, Justify, Single Line Spacing, Italics]

Footnotes Text: [Times New Roman, 10 Points, Justify, Single Line Spacing]


Once the article is finally selected by the Editorial Committee, the author/s will receive the declaration form that the work is free from copyright violation and after signing the declaration form should send the form to Editorial Committee. After receiving the form the article will be edited & published. The entire process will be executed through e-mail only as WBNUJS strongly recommends environment friendly governance and follows e-governance.