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Editorial Column



Interface between Intellectual Property Rights and Human Rights-By Dr. Sreenivasulu N.S.


International Regime on Diplomatic Asylum-By Dr. M.L. Kalicharan


Innovation and the Laissez-faire Debate of Governance: An overview of the Government-Inventor Interface in the Patenting Process-By Shouvik Kr. Guha and Shruthi Anand


The United States and the International Criminal Court: Avoiding Jurisdiction through Bilateral Agreements-By Bhumika Nanda


Sec 27 of Evidence Act and Doctrine of Casus Omissus-By Neeraj Vyas and Ruchita Sharma


Does FDI offer assurance to India’s Insurance Sector-By Ananya Sonthalia


Judicial Accountability vis-a-vis Independence of the Judiciary-By Hitesh Agrawal


An elucidation of the concept of Intergenerational Equity-By Abhipsita Kundu and Dipayan Bhattacharya


Evolving Data Protection Laws in the European Union; The Cookie Conundrum-By Anubha Sinha


Future Law


A Critical Analysis of the Anti-Majoritarian Bias in the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011-By Varun Panickar and Amrita Vasudevan


Clash on Higher Education and Research Bill, 2011: An Encroachment on BCI powers by HRD Ministry-By Ayush Yadav and Divyanshu Joshi


Book Review


Law and Sports in India: Development, Issues and Challenges-By Surabhi Gupta


Judges of the Supreme Court of India-By Aditya Goyal