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Local Genius as a Basis for Controlling Environmental Degradation in Bali - By Dr. Drs. A.A. KT. Sudiana, S.H., A.Ma., M.H.


Secularism: A Foundation of Democracy -By Dr. Subir Kumar Roy


Marine Pollution and its Regulation- By Dr. Arup Poddar


Environmental Governance in Northeast India and the Role of the Judiciary -By Dr. Harsha S. and Dijamani Sarmah


Bhiksha and the Changing Notion of Begging (Alms Seeking) as a Means of Livelihood in the Development Discourse: With Particular Reference to the Constitution of India – By Pabitra Pal Chowdhury


Protection of River Ganga – Issues and Concerns and the Need for Legislation – By Rajrupa Sinha Roy and Dr. Indrajit Dube


Emerging Trends in Revival of non Performing Assets in the Indian Banking System – By Ankita Sharma




The Quandary of Internet File Sharing in the Entertainment Industry in India – By R.Rajashree & Pragnya Vasishtha