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Welcome to the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) Academy of Legal studies and research. The ‘International Journal of Legal Studies and Research’ (IJLSR) has been established in the year 2012. The IJLSR is online e-journal and is managed by the School of Technology, Law and Development (STLD) of NUJS. The purpose of introducing this online e-journal is to reach widely to every reader interested in law and legal research, by way of open access system through internet and disseminate and share ideas and knowledge of legal studies and research all over the world. Therefore, the write up available to this e-journal is basically for educational and research reason only and not for any financial profit. This online e-journal supports the idea of Open Journal System (OJS) and would like to reach to its readers through electronic media only. This journal will not be issued in paper printed form keeping into account the global environmental condition.