Citing this e-journal: 9 e-IJLSR (2020)

Editorial Column

Invited Article

Inter-State Trade and Commerce vis-a-vis the Goods and Services Tax: Indian Constitution and Federal Principle – By Prof (Dr.) Ali Mehdi [78-88]

Long Article

A Holistic Analysis Of Law As A General Theory And Its Application To Private Law In Civil Law And Mixed Law Systems (By Reference To Examples) – By Dr. Harry (Charalampos) Stamelos [89-114]

Special Article

Unilateral Mistake In Electronic Contract: Rethinking Traditional Common Law Principles – By Viashima Simon [115-135]

Trips Non-Violation Complaints And Indian Patent Provisions Responding To Public Health - By Dr. Nandita S. Patil [136-151]

Right To Access Internet: Building A Case For India – By Shiv Kumar Sharma & Ashish Kumar Mishra [152-166]

Short Article

Surrogacy As A Solution To Childlessness: Compensating Surrogates By Acknowledging Commercial Surrogacy – By Seemon Snigdha Jena & Sukanya Subhadarshana [167-180]

The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence & Meaningful Human Control In International Humanitarian Law: A Game Changer Or A Gross Violation – By Satavisha Haldar & Prof (Dr.) T.V.G.N.S. Sudhakar [181-193]

Market share as an Indicator of Market Power in Digital Economy : Viability and Alternatives - By Pratiksha Jalan [194-205]

Chagos Advisory Opinion And The International Lego-Politico Consequences: An Analysis – By Abhishek Trivedi [206-217]

Section 29A: Time-Bound Arbitration - A Boon Or A Bane? – By Rajvansh Singh & Saksham Barsaiyan [218-228]

Law As A Source To Deal With Hate Mongers As Terrorists – By Ishaan Singh Jain [229-237]

Corrective Rape On Board: A Legislative Journey From Heteronormativity To Safeguarding Rights Of Homosexuals – By Harshvardhan Singh Sikarwar & Sakshi Pandey [238-248]

Right To Be Forgotten: A Forgotten Right – By Saloni Singhvi [249-256]

Clemency Power Of The Government Under Section 432 Of Cr. P.C. – By Aayushi Swaroop [257-264]